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Amikacin Inj.

Chinese Product Name 安佳信黴素注射液
English Product Name Amikacin Inj.
Common Name Amikin
Ingredients Each ml contains
Amikacin (as Sulfate) 250mg(Potency)
Strength 10 ml
Package Size 10ml/10V
Product Code B0NVA030010
NHI. NO. AC32251229
Marketing Status prescription drug
Indications Treatment of infections caused by Gram-positive and negative bacteria.
Dosage Initial & maintenance dose Intramuscular injection: For Adult: Intramuscular injection 250-500mg each time, twice a day. When severely infected, 400-500mg, once every 8 hours. It can be used intravenously, see the package insert for details.

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