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Lexacin I.V. solution for infusion 5mg/ml

Chinese Product Name 雷莎欣靜脈輸液
English Product Name Lexacin I.V. solution for infusion 5mg/ml
Common Name Cravit
Ingredients Each ml contains
Levofloxacin(as Hemihydrate) 5mg
Strength 100ml
Package Size 100ml/10V
Product Code B0NGL050100
NHI. NO. AA57191255
Marketing Status prescription drug
Indications Treat the following infections in adults caused by Levofloxacin-sensitive pathogens: community pneumonia, complicated urinary tract infections (including: pyelonephritis), skin and soft tissue infections. Chronic bacterial prostatitis.
Dosage Initial & maintenance dose Levofloxacin injection is only suitable for slow intravenous injection; it is administered once or twice daily. The injection time of 250 mg must be at least 30 minutes, and the injection time of 500 mg Levofloxacin must be at least 60 minutes. Daily dose (depending on severity) Community pneumonia: 500 mg twice a day. Complex urinary tract infections (including: pyelonephritis): 250 mg once a day. Chronic bacterial prostatitis: 500 mg once daily Skin and soft tissue infections: 500 mg twice daily Serious infections should consider increasing the dose

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