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Vanlyo Powder for Inj.

Chinese Product Name 穩利乾粉注射劑(汎克黴素)
English Product Name Vanlyo Powder for Inj.
Common Name Vancocin
Ingredients Each ml contains
Vancomycin HCL 0.5gm
Vancomycin HCL 1gm
Strength 0.5gm
Package Size 0.5gm/10V
Product Code B0DVV010010
NHI. NO. AC51533209
Marketing Status prescription drug
Indications Staphylococcus infected diseases such as endocarditis, osteomyelitis, pneumonia, sepsis, soft tissue infection, enteritis, and pseudomembranous colitis caused by clostridia infection.
Dosage Initial & maintenance dose Add 10ml of sterile water for injection into Vancomycin powder 500mg bottle or 20ml of sterile water for injection in 1g bottle to solve the powder, and then use it after dilution. Adult dose: The daily intravenous drip dose is 2g, 500 mg each time q6h or 1g each time q12h. The infusion time should be > 60 minutes. "

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