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Q-PINE XR Extended Release Tablets 300mg

Chinese Product Name 康思寧持續性藥效錠 300毫克
English Product Name Q-PINE XR Extended Release Tablets 300mg
Common Name Seroquel XR
Ingredients Each E.R.Tab. contains:
Quetiapine fumarate 345.41mg(相當於 Quetiapine 300mg)
Strength 300mg
Package Size 10Tabs*3/box
Product Code B0TFQ040300
NHI. NO. AC59066100
Marketing Status Prescription drug
Indications Treatment of schizophrenia, depression episodes of bipolar disorder, manic episodes and mixed episodes. For patients with major depressive disorder (MDD) whose single-drug treatment with antidepressants is not effective, it can be used as an additional treatment for major depressive episodes. Before starting treatment, clinicians should consider the safety of Quetiapine XR.
Dosage Initial & maintenance dose Take quetiapine with or without food. The target dose range of 400-800 mg/day, max. 800mg/day. See PI for more information.

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