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Anflupin Tab.

Chinese Product Name 安服平錠
English Product Name Anflupin Tab.
Common Name Ansaid
Ingredients Each Tab. contains
Flurbiprofen 100mg
Strength 100mg
Package Size 1000T/Bt
Product Code B0THA010100
NHI. NO. AC39397100
Marketing Status Prescription drug
Indications Analgesic and anti-inflammatory for chronic rheumatism, deformed arthritis, lumbago, pulpitis, paradentosis, dental extraction, and minor dental operation.
Dosage Initial & maintenance dose The recommended initiating dose is 200~300mg per day, b.i.d.~q.i.d. orally. For rheumatism, 100mg at most each time, t.i.d.~q.i.d, is recommended.

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