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Cochitong Tab.

Chinese Product Name 可制痛錠
English Product Name Cochitong Tab.
Common Name Scanol,Paracetamole
Ingredients Each ml contains
Acetaminophen 500mg
Strength 500mg
Package Size 1000T/Bt
Product Code B0THC030500
Marketing Status Non-prescription drug
Indications As antipyretics and analgesics for headache, toothache, sore throat, joint pains, neuralgia, sore muscles, and dysmenorrhea.
Dosage Initial & maintenance dose Take when having a fever or needed. If the condition continues, take q4~6h, but take no more than 3 times in 24hr. For adults and children above 12: one tablet each time. For children between 6~12, give 1/2 the dose of adults. For children between 3~6, give 1/4 the dose of adults. Consult the doctor before giving any when the patient is under 3 months.

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