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Noesin Inj.

Chinese Product Name 腦益新注射液
English Product Name Noesin Inj.
Common Name Nootropil
Ingredients Each ml contains:
Piracetam 200mg
Strength 5ml
Package Size 5ml/50A
Product Code B0NAN020005
NHI. NO. AB49770221
Marketing Status Prescription drug
Indications May be effective for mental retardation caused by cerebrovascular disorder or aging.
Dosage Initial & maintenance dose The average dose is: 1gm, t.i.d. I.V. or I.M. In the initial administration, up to 10-15g per day, if needed. Child: According to body weight, 30~50mg/kg per day. Elderly: Adjust the dosage according to the kidney function.

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