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Cimetine Inj.

Chinese Product Name 治潰平注射液
English Product Name Cimetine Inj.
Common Name Tagamet
Ingredients Each ml contains
Cimetidine 100mg
Strength 2 ml
Package Size 2ml/100A
Product Code B0NAC060002
NHI. NO. AC23374212
Marketing Status prescription drug
Indications For inpatients with pathological hyperchlorhydria, intractable duodenum ulcer, or as an alternative treatment for peptic ulcer when oral route is unavailable.
Dosage Initial & maintenance dose ‧ I.M.: 200mg each time, q6h.
‧ I.V. push: dissolve in N.S. or D5W.
‧ I.V. infusion: Dissolve in N.S. or D5W to make 100ml solution. 200mg each time, q6h. Infusion for 15~20 minutes.

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