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Cimetine F.C. Tab.

Chinese Product Name 治潰平錠
English Product Name Cimetine F.C. Tab.
Common Name Tagamet
Ingredients Each ml contains
Cimetidine 200mg
Strength 200mg
Package Size 1000T/Bt
Product Code B0THC020200
NHI. NO. AB23008100
Marketing Status prescription drug
Indications Gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, peptic esophagitis, bleeding caused by erosion or ulcer of the upper gastrointestinal tract, recurrent ulcer, perforated peptic ulcer.
Dosage Initial & maintenance dose The general dosage is one tablet each time, three times a day, and two tablets before going to bed. It is best to continue taking it for 4 weeks. After the treatment period, take two tablets before going to bed to prevent recurrence.

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