PICS/GMP Manufacturing Facility

In order to serve our domestic and international markets, we own and operate formulation manufacturing facilities which have been built in accordance with the PICS cGMP guidelines. Our manufacturing facilities has separate quality control units to monitor the manufacturing quality of our products.

Quality Control

In line with our quality policy, we have set up quality functions across the organization to consistently monitor the process operations for assuring the quality, safety and efficacy of our products in the domestic and export markets. Our Quality Management Systems (QMS) complies with various international regulatory and cGMP standards and we perform periodic reviews of systems, practices and documentation in place across our manufacturing facilities through regular audits. All products are subjected to extensive stability testing programs to understand the real product behaviour during shelf life. We also monitor in-market product quality through annual product quality review mechanisms. We believe that all our manufacturing facilities possess adequate effluent treatment processes and minimize any contamination of the surrounding environment or pollution. All these environment protection systems are laid down as per the statutory requirements of applicable laws and environmental policies.