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Spormine Inj.

Chinese Product Name 賜保命注射液
English Product Name Spormine Inj.
Common Name
Ingredients Each ml contains
Dextrose Hydrous 50mg
Ascorbic Acid 1mg
Thiamine HCL 0.25mg
Riboflavin 0.05mg
Niacinamide 1.25mg
Pyridoxine HCL 0.05mg
d-Pantothenyl Alcohol 0.5mg
Strength 20ml
Package Size 20ml X 50A
Product Code B0NAS070020
NHI. NO. AC15430238
Marketing Status prescription drug
Indications Nutritional supplements for surgery, trauma or other diseases.
Dosage Initial & maintenance dose One to several times a day, each time 20 ~ 500ml slow intravenous injection or intravenous drip injection, according to the disease symptoms as appropriate to increase or decrease; the rate of administration is 500ml / 60 ~ 90 minutes.

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